The second half in August, it is the bank in Arakawa
in which four persons of a band gathered for the first time in three years.
It was a long time, although having wanted to eat meat outdoors
wholly leaked in the first reason and it was not found.
Preparation of a barbecue was done by three persons other than Eiji hot inside.
In the direction of the ground by the side of opposite of a river,
while the Eiji went to sleep in camera one hand, a photograph was taken.
Eiji joined three persons after a while.
Tanaka became thin. Now, it remembers that had many numbers
which strike a drum, saying that it is bad.
It was almost existence of a leader.
Although with the leader appropriate for me in fact,
it was disagreeable to have run to the fifth floor of a Gig-antic,
and to have gone by the reason of since it to be a leader to pay.
Kimura also became thin. I think that it did its best although the base had just been begun.
A floor is confused when stepping on the effector of the cheap large volume of a base & preamplifier,
and the picture of the dog which where does not understand whether is a producing district.
It is a remarkable coward in fact,
it can be said however, that that is not right.
Eiji is currently done happily as usual to see.
Since the language school was gone frequently,
words were the music which was English and which Japanese does not suit rather than it.
It was the character in which passion was chosen from dexterity.
When everybody was told "practice more", it often got angry.Conversely,
since it was also a typical mood maker,
and me.
Since such four persons did just as he likes in the band,
the performance was well and there were never nothings.
It is begun truly to look for the sound source which can be heard here recently,
it does not have an honest performance,
and was troubled very much. Although it became the conclusion
that it would choose out of the good hand of a performance with vigor at last,
there is having heard it repeatedly and having got used. When it was now,
there were many things of not making it such a wind.
But it is also were able to do only at that time,
and since it was all that are made at that time,
it is satisfaction. It talked to and studio return
by FUJI Rock Fes. truly those days
It is still energy wholly.

(September 24, 2002)

Opinion that he cannot understand
a site map Since there were a large number (two),
explanation is added for a while.
"low bandwidth" is the contents for low circuits.
It can view and listen by streaming of 32-56k.
ADSL etc. is already in "high bandwidth" and it is for circuits.
The contents are the same although divided into "fixed", "resize", and "fulscn."
They are what can change size, respectively, the thing which is not made, and a full-screen thing.
flash player plug-in (ver.5 or subsequent ones) is altogether needed.
Unless CPU of "fulscn" is powerful, it is not smooth.
If the man of not moving smoothly makes a window small and it is seen by "resize",
he will think that he becomes smooth.
The place which can peruse other contents, such as "words."etc,
thinks that it is good, listening to music by "track" of the contents in flash.
Finally "merch/info" is sale of CD.
if it transmits, please take care by CD sending truly